This is a collection of work during my early years of designing.  A lot of these projects took place in Fresno, CA around the regional theatre and dance scene.  I have to thank Ben Holley and Lighting Resources for providing me the resoures and training that I was given during these earlier times.
Clovis High School Dance Concert
June 2007
Clovis High School Dance Concert
June 2008
Living Out
Fresno City College
February 2010
Director: Chuck Erven  Scenic/Projection Designer: Chris Boltz  Costume Designer: Debby Erven   
Sound Designer: Jeff Barrett  Lighting Designer: Bo Tindell
The Tempest
Fresno Artists Repertory Theatre
Co-Lighting Designers: Ben Holley and Bo Tindell
January 2008
Sweeney Todd: The Deamon Barber of Fleet Street
Children's Musical Theatreworks
Fresno, CA July 2009
Director: Elizabeth Fiester  Scenic Designer: Bo Tindell  Costume Designer: Lisa Schumacher
Lighting Designer: Bo Tindell

Other Projects...

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